Member Responsibilities Rights and Rules

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1) There are three categories of membership: Non-Flying (Social), Flying

(Inactive), and Flying (Active). Generally, all members should be of good

character and reputation.                                            

A. NON-FLYING (SOCIAL MEMBERS): **Not Currently applicable**

1. Responsibilities: $10.00/year membership dues. Since non-

flying member is a representative of the club, he must conduct

himself or herself in a manner which reinforces Article One

(purpose) of the by-laws.

2. Rights: The non-flying member is welcome to attend monthly

and annual meetings, fly-ins, occasions when rides are given in

the club aircraft, to socialize with members at the hanger, to

attend club dinner functions, etc., and to identify himself/herself

as a member of the Meadville Aero club. He/she does not,

however, have voting rights or PIC privileges in the club aircraft.

B. FLYING MEMBERS: The maximum number of flying members will be

20, with 15 members being considered active and 5 inactive, for insurance

and aircraft availability purposes. All potential flying members must meet

the following minimum aeronautical experience requirements in order to

be issued keys to the club aircraft.

He must begin and continue his training in the club airplane and/or:

A. Have a solo endorsement from a CFI in his/her training in the club

airplane and/or:

B. 5 logbook solo hours in an aircraft considered to be of equivalent

complexity to the club aircraft by the Executive Committee.

C. A successfully completed check ride administered by a CFI which meets

the standards of biennial flight review in the club aircraft with a logbook



1. Active Flying Member: Active members are on the insurance roster and can

fly the airplane at will. The Secretary/Treasurer must be notified in advance

of an applicant’s intention to become an active member so that the appropriate
 insurance notification can take place. Active members are responsible for

timely payment of monthly dues and flying time.

2. Inactive Flying Member: Inactive members are responsible for the timely
 payment of monthly dues only and are eligible for inclusion on the insurance
roster upon notifying the Secretary-Treasurer.