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Additional Rules Pertaining to Flying Members Taking Instruction:

1.   Students taking instruction in club aircraft shall be bona fide flying members of the club in good standing.
Other flying members should defer to reasonable requests for preferred aircraft reservation times from student members.

2.   Student pilots can sign up for time blocks of no more than two hours unless on a  CFI endorsed cross county flight.
3.   No member shall, except in case of flight emergency keep any aircraft away from  the local airport overnight without indication of time on the calendar, or for more  that FIVE consecutive days in one months time, without permission of three fourths of the executive committee.

4.   Should a member have trouble with the club airplane away from a local field requiring that the airplane be left overnight, it shall be the responsibility of the member to return the aircraft to the home field. If unusual circumstances make this unfeasible, that member may appeal to the Executive Committee for a liability waiver.

5.   All club aircraft must be piloted by a Flying Member in good standing. This shall not apply to airport attendants in necessary taxiing or to authorized mechanics moving or testing the aircraft in connection with its repair.

6.   No club aircraft may be landed at other than an authorized airfield except in case of emergency.

7.   If an accident resulting in damage to, or destruction of any club aircraft shall occur while the plane is being legally operated but as a result of:

           1 .Component or equipment failure, or
            2. Unforecasted and unforeseen “Act of God” weather conditions,

The expense of the repair or restoration for the club’s property shall be the responsibility of the club as a whole. If the plane is damaged by negligence on the part of the member, he/she and/or their estate is financially responsible for the amount of the damage or the deductible amount of repairs not covered by insurance. It will be determined by the club membership whether any incident will be turned into the insurance company.

8.   If the club airplane is kept away from the home field longer than 24 hours, the member using it is financially responsible for 2 hours min. flying time per weekday or 3 hours min. flying time per weekend day  OR Holiday, regardless of whether the plane is actually flown. This does not apply to cases where essential repairs are made away from the home field, or during those days when the plane is grounded due to inclement weather.

9.   All flight time shall be entered in the flight record book kept in the plane immediately upon completion of each flight.