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All flying members are subject to the following responsibilities:

1. Applicants will be accepted into the club pursuant to the stipulations of Article Five,

Section One (A-D) of the by-laws).

2. Flying membership fee is $1,500.00  with no refunds if the member

resigns from the club, for any reason. The hourly flying rate is $55.00.

3. Monthly dues are $55.00 with the monthly dues for a second flying member of the

same immediate family half price, plus $100.00 *Pro Rated Yearly* for maintenance reserve.

4. Monthly dues, maintenance reserve and payment for flying time for each month are due
 on the first day of the succeeding month. After the tenth  day of the month a $5 fee will be charged for

accounts still outstanding.  Flying privileges will suspended for all accounts over 60 days past due. 
Any memberís account that is past due for 90 days will be ejected from the Club.

5. All members agree to abide and conform to all Federal, State or local laws and regulations governing to


6. Use of drugs or alcohol while PIC is and grounds for executive committee action up to
and including revocation of membership.

7. The rate for hourly flying time does not include hanger, tie-down or landing fees on

out of town airfields. These expenses are to be borne by the member using the club

airplane at that time. If fuel is purchased off field, the Club will reimburse the member
 up to the current posted cost of fuel at Port Meadville.  Receipts are required for reimbursement.

8. All members who have not flown within a three month period as PIC are required to

have a check ride or sign off by an instructor.

9. Every member shall be responsible at the close of any flight made in the club airplane
for seeing that the plane is properly secured before leaving it, and is equally responsible
for protecting the club's property from possible damage or unnecessary exposure

whenever it is under his/her care.

10. No materials likely to mar, damage, or discolor the upholstery or interior finish of the

airplane shall be placed in or carried aboard the club airplane. Each member is

responsible for returning the airplane in clean and good condition after the each flight.

11. Each member using the club aircraft shall be responsible for all fuel and oil
purchases unless he/she is able to provide a receipt for purchase of fuel and oil, said
receipt to include the name and address of the dealer from whom the purchases were
made, the name of the member making the purchase and an itemized accounting.
Members fueling the aircraft on base should sign their names and "MAC" to facilitate billing.

12. All fuel purchases off base are to be 100L only.

13. If the airplane is damaged a note must be attached to the yoke identification what
 happened, and a member of the executive committee must be notified immediately.
Failure to do so could result in revocation of membership pursuant to Executive Committee review.